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Google Adwords Certification Course


Google Adwords Certification Course trains you in adwords and ensures that you are capable to clear the Google certification exam in adwords. The exam is designed to test your knowledge on paid advertising, ways of working and best practices.

Adwords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wishing to display their ads on Google and its advertising network. In this adwords program a business can set a budget for advertising and pay on per click basis. This service is largely focused on keywords and searches.

How does Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords shows your ad the top section of the search results. The more you pay for a click, higher are the chances of your ad showing up in the results. It is not just the highest bid that is taken into account.

Google also uses a ‘quality score’ to judge the quality of ad. So it’s a combination of quality score and the bid that is important for good adwords result.

What forms a part of the Google Adwords Certification course?

Google Adwords Certification course is a comprehensive course which helps you in succeeding in getting quick results through paid ads. Following forms part of this course:

  1. What is Google Adwords and how does it work?
  2. How does the ad cost?
  3. What is an adwords account?
  4. How to find the best keywords?
  5. How to find the best target audience for your business?
  6. What is Google Adsense and how does it work?
  7. Best strategy for running a paid ad campaign
  8. Paid ads and their Return on Investment


Following certifications are provided on completion of the Google Adwords certification course:

  1. Google Adwords Certification
  2. DigitalKul Adwords Certification

Brief course and commercial details are as below:

  • Course Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Approximate training period: 24 hours
  • Fees: INR 9,900
  • Batch Timings: Weekdays/ Weekends Batches
  • Learning method: Offline/Online

The course provides deep understanding of search ads, display ads, shopping and video ads on Google & its display network.
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