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Google Analytics Certification Course

Google Analytics Certification Course

Google Analytics Certification Course trains you in web analytics and ensures that you clear the Google certification for Analytics.

Google Analytics is one of the most important digital marketing tools available to the digital marketers. Also, it is also one of the most often used.

Google Analytics certification course from DigitalKul is a 3 weeks course. The course is conducted by Google certified trainers and industry professionals and covers the following:

Google Analytics – Course Outline

Unit 1: Introducing Google Analytics

  • Why digital analytics?
  • How Google Analytics works?
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Setting up views with filters

Unit 2: The Google Analytics layout

  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Understanding overview reports
  • Evaluation of full reports
  • How to share reports
  • How to set up dashboards and shortcuts

Unit 3: Basic Reporting

  • Audience reports
  • Acquisition reports
  • Behavior reports

Unit 4: Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking

  • Measuring Custom Campaigns
  • Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
  • Using Goals to measure business objectives
  • Measuring AdWords campaigns
  • Course review and next steps

Google Analytics- Advanced

Unit 1: Data Collection and Processing

  • Google Analytics data collection
  • Categorizing into users and sessions
  • Applying configuration settings
  • Storing data and generating reports
  • Creating a measurement plan

Unit 2: Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration

  • Organize your Analytics account
  • Set up advanced filters on views
  • Create your own Custom Dimensions
  • Create your own Custom Metrics
  • Understanding user behavior with Event Tracking
  • More useful configurations

Unit 3: Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques

  • Segment data for insight
  • Analyze data by channel
  • Analyze data by audience
  • Analyze data with Custom Reports

Unit 4: Advanced Marketing Tools

  • Introduction to remarketing
  • Better targeting with Dynamic Remarketing
  • Course Summary

Google Analytics for Ecommerce Business

Unit 1: Introduction to Ecommerce Analysis

  • Course overview
  • Using the measurement plan
  • Reporting vs. analysis
  • Analysis preparation
  • Next steps

Unit 2: Understanding Customers

  • Traffic source analysis
  • Multi-channel analysis
  • Customer profile analysis
  • Summary and takeaways

Unit 3: Understanding Shopping Behavior

  • Enhanced Ecommerce overview
  • On-site merchandising analysis
  • Shopping behavior analysis
  • Checkout analysis
  • Summary and takeaways

Google Tag Manager

Unit 1: Starting out with Google Tag Manager

  • Course Introduction
  • Start with a measurement plan
  • Develop a tag implementation strategy
  • Tag Manager overview

Unit 2: Setting up Google Tag Manager

  • Install the Google Analytics tag
  • Set up a GA Property variable
  • Set up cross-domain tracking
  • Understand the Data Layer

Unit 3: Collecting data using the Data Layer, variables, and events

  • Pass static values into Custom Dimensions
  • Pass dynamic values into Custom Metrics
  • Track events with variables

Unit 4: Using additional tags for marketing and remarketing

  • Set up Adwords conversion tracking
  • Set up Dynamic Remarketing


Following certifications are provided on completion of this course:

  1. Google Analytics Certification
  2. DigitalKul Analytics Certification

Brief course and commercial details are as below:

  • Course Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Approximate training period: 30 hours
  • Fees: INR 12,900
  • Batch Timings: Weekdays/ Weekends
  • Learning method: Offline/Online

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