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IOT Course

IOT Course using NodeMCU, Arduino, ESP8266

IOT Training Course

IOT Course covers the development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services—including devices for sensing, actuation, processing, and communication—It will help you develop skills and experiences you can employ in designing novel systems. The course includes theoretical classes and practical sessions. In the practical sessions you will learn hands-on IOT concepts such as sensing, actuation and communication.

This course deals with the rapidly evolving field of cloud computing. You will examine cloud offerings from all the leading providers, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, and learn to design and deploy solutions to them. You will have a hands-on learning experience, as in this course you will do several case studies, where you can examine the real-world IoT applications such as wearable gadgets, home automation and smart cities.


Introduction to IOT- Module 1

  • What is IOT?
  • Platforms for IOT
  • Definition of things
  • Hardware Description
  • Known technology Roadmap for IOT

Introduction to Embedded Systems-Module 2

  • What is Embedded Systems
  • Difference between Embedded Processors and Controllers
  • Architecture of Embedded Systems
  • Applications and scope of Embedded System

Introduction to NodeMCU–Module 3

  • What is NodeMCU?
  • Introduction NodeMCUUNO R3
  • What is AVR Microcontrollers?
  • Introduction to NodeMCU
  • Understanding of GPIO

Software Requirements- Module 4

  • Introduction to Arduino IDE
  • How to download IDE
  • Understanding of Arduino IDE
  • How to connect NodeMCUwith IDE

GPIO (15 Min)-Module 5

  • Study GPIO Pins
  • Libraries for Arduino
  • Configuring GPIO Pins

Introduction to Arduino Programming Language-Module 6

  • What is Embedded Programming Languages
  • Introduction to C
  • Difference between C and Embedded C (Arduino Programming Language)

Introduction to Software tool chain-Module 7

  • Software Installation
  • What is Sketch?
  • Getting started with first Arduino Sketch
  • How to burn your first code into Arduino UNO R3

Using Arduino Programming Language-Module 8

  • Understanding Python
  • Interpreted Languages
  • Variables, Keywords, Operators and Operands
  • Data Types in Python
  • Flow Control
  • Condition Statement
  • Loops
  • Importing Libraries
  • Functions

Introduction to Serial Communication-Module 9

  • What is Serial communication?
  • USART/UART Protocol
  • RS232 Standards
  • What is TTL converter
  • UART programming

Introduction to ESP8266 WiFi module-Module 10

  • What is ESP8266
  • Interfacing with Arduino UNO R3
  • Introduction to AT command mode
  • How to Connect with Wifi
  • How to create webserver using ESP8266

Implementing OOP’s Using Python- Module 11

  • Overview to Python constructs

Implementing web protocols using Arduino and python-Module 12

  • What Is A Web Service
  • Technologies
  • HTTP
  • Looking At HTTP
  • XML & SOAP
  • WSDL

How python Web Services Work-Module 13

  • Consuming Web Services
  • Creating The Web API Project
  • Creating The User Controller
  • Adding Methods
  • Adding Get And Post
  • Testing The API
  • Implementing Put

Practical Exposure on IOT-Module 14

  • Led Blinking using NodeMCU.
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Sensor data logging.
  • Data logging on cloud server.
  • GPIO Control using Webpage.
  • Web Page Hosting using NodeMCU
  • MQTT protocol implementation


  • Course Duration: 2 to 2.5 Months (8-10 Weeks)
  • Approximate training period: 64 hours
  • Fees: INR 24,900
  • Sessions: Weekdays/ Weekends
  • Number of modules covered: 14 modules
  • Learning method: Offline/Online

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